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Naturopathy and Bio-Natural Medicines®

The Academy was born out of Angela Nirvana Mauri’s passion for the care and well-being of the ‘whole person’.She found the ESSENTIA ACADEMY®,created the BIOHOLOSYNERGIA Method® andINTEGRA SALUS® natural cosmethics brand. A mix of risearch, studies, and practice around well-being offer to beutician and wellness specialists.

TheBIOHOLOSYNERGIA® method is the result of over 40 years of study and experience into a very wide range of specialist disciplines, including scientific naturopathy, psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine, nutrition, massage techniques, reflexology, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, aesthetics, relaxation and meditation Techniques and more.

The training is technical, but also puts the person at the centre of everything. You will learn how to listen to your clients, extracting the right messages, and how to rebalance your clients based on an empathy and understanding of their own unique individuality.


ESTETICA EMPATICA BIONATURALE® (Bionatural Emphatic Aesthetics)

The ESTETICA EMPATICA BIONATURALE® training course is a Master of Advanced Aesthetics BIOHOLOSYNERGIA® Method, solely for beauticians. A course that takes place over several sessions, which allows you to look at aesthetics in a new way. The topics cover a deep scientific knowledge of the different dimensions of the ‘whole person’. That is: physical, intellectual, relational, emotional and spiritual.
The course teaches how each of these dimensions can lead to imbalance, and how to understand the possible sources of imperfections.
It will then progress to how best to treat clients with innovative, integrated and enhanced pathways that will enhance physical beauty, but also enhance general well-being.

Estetica Empatica Bionaturale (Bionatural Empathic Aesthetics)


Naturopathy believes that every living being has a vital life force that favours self-healing. It is the role of the Naturopath to collaborate with, and guide, this life force. In order to function well, all elements of the body must be in harmony with each other.

Healing (and prevention) means enabling all the different dimensions of the person to work better internally within a person, but also with the external environment within which we live. The Naturopath will start by observing a person’s state of health instead of a particular disease and will then progress to taking care of the person as a whole, and not just a single part of the body.

The Naturopath considers the patient a global and indivisible entity of body, mind and emotions in a holistic perspective and employs natural products to promote “self-healing “and well-being.

The Naturopath studies the causes of disharmonies, and help the body to react, improving its natural resources.

Through counselling, the Naturopath leads a person towards a heightened self- awareness. The journey will assess lifestyle, health, and a range of self-management techniques.

The role of the Naturopath can be summarised in three activities:
• Global Approach. Take a holistic view of the person and an assessment of the state of the ‘whole person’;
• Quality of Life. Improve Quality of Life through a treatment programme to stimulate a person’s natural resources and to develop a personalised wellness plan;
• Lifestyle. Individual lifestyle assessment followed by tips on how to improve it.

Estetica Empatica Bionaturale (Bionatural Empathic Aesthetics)

The Essentia Academy also organizes short courses to enhance well-being. Some examples:
• NUTRITION course
• QI GONG course