essentia collection


From the Latin: the essence and the nature of a thing

“Perfumed Message” Line

The products of the collection ESSENTIA are prepared from flowers, leaves, fruit, peal, seeds, roots, resins, from which, with a particular method studied and perfected over time, conceived in phases, are gently extracted the various constituents, to take advantage of the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy.
Phytotherapy teaches us that plants are among the principle sources for medicinal substances that we apply to the skin (a simple example are the wraps and ointments) that give us help and bring benefits.
Aromatherapy, through the perception of the odours, joins the spheres of emotion, memory, sensitivity and all their related areas; as well as working on the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, involving also the endocrine and immune systems.
The majority of the plants used in our preparations are cultivated by us.