Firming Body Lotion

shock bump action

A wise synergy of precious essences useful for professional massage for treating tissue relaxation.

Size: 50 ml – 100 ml* (1,7 fl. oz – 3,4 fl. oz *)
* intended for professional users



mix the required dose with DULCEDO Nourishing Velvety Body Cream or AGILITAS Gift Body Mask for professional massage.

Functional ingredients:

milk thistle*, lady’s mantle*, angelica*, echinacea*, horsetail*, green tea, aloe*.
* Plant cultivated by us

Technical product information

Aqua, Alcohol, Silybum marianum seed extract, Alchemical vulgaris extract, Angelica archangelic root extract, Echinacea purpurea flower leaf stem extract, Equisetum arvense extract, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract.