Hypericum Oil

The herbalist’s tests, both ancient and modern, list the numerous virtues of St. Johns wort oil; various authors underline it’s healing, anti-septic, decongestant, soothing, anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. Very rich in flavanoids and carotenes, which our organisms transforms into vitamin A, it is an ideal oil for chapped and reddened feet, it helps to restore their softness, hydration and elasticity of the skin. Thanks to its emollients, it has always been recommended for cosmetic use as a support to bring uplift and freshness in case of burns or solar erythema. It is largely reported in books that also it has beneficial effects on pain of a various nature be it muscular, visceral or articular.

Size: 100 ml – 500 ml* (3,4 fl. oz – 16,9 fl. oz*)
*intended for professional users



apply with a gentle massage to the affected area.

Functional ingredients:

St. John’s wort*, olive oil, vitamin E.
* Plant cultivated by us

Technical product information

Olea europaea fruit oil, Hypericum perforatum flower extract, Tocopherol.

Because of its photo-sensitive effects, the areas massaged with St. Johns wort oil, should not be exposed to the sun.