Micronized Green Clay

Green clay is a natural substance consisting of a mixture of compounds of mineral origin (calcium, magnesium, potassium) and metals (zinc, copper, sulphur). It is precisely this particular mineral composition that gives it its many properties: dermo-purifying, detoxifying, mineralising and antibacterial. Its actions are particularly visible on acne-prone, impure skin with flowing hyper-seborrhoea, thanks to its absorbent and skin purifying properties when combined with specific lotions: NATURALIS REMEDIA 3D Lotion, IUVENIS Ultra Active Purifying Lotion and AGILITAS Extra Drain Complex .
For a remineralising and toning action it is ideal in combination with specific lotions: ELEGANS Ultra active regenerating lotion andAGILITAS firming body lotion. The clay also provides excellent results when we want to uniform complexions with sunspots and hyper-pigmentation associated with NATURALIS REMEDIA Aloe Gel and IUVENIS Ultra Active Purifying Lotion; ideal as a preparatory mask for hair removal in combination with DELICATE Ultra Active Soothing Lotion.

Size: 500 gr* (16,9 fl. oz)
intended for professional users


Technical product information

Solum fullonum.