Miorelaxant complex

Synergy of plant extracts for professional use, excellent natural cure for external use to relax the muscles. Useful in case of muscle strains, tenderness and spasms. The properties of the plants present in this lotion are: muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory, pain relievers.

Size: 50 ml – 100 ml* (1,7 fl. oz – 3,4 fl. oz *)
*intended for professional users



apply after the decontracting massage.

Functional ingredients:

wild thyme*, marigold*, rosemary*, St. John’s wort*, celandine*, arnica*.
* Plant cultivated by us

Technical product information

Aqua, Alcohol, Thymus serpillum extract , Calendula officinalis flower extract, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, Hypericum perforatum flower extract, Chelidonium majus extract, Arnica montana flower extract.