Stimux Oil

Massage oil prepared with a particular and long maceration in olive oil of specific plants useful for a quality massage. It has a stimulating action of the circulation and heating of the muscles to allow a greater flow of blood and a better oxygenation of the muscular tissues. The plants contained also enrich it with soothing properties. Valid help for a decontracting, sporting and pre-competition massage (reduces the formation of lactic acid) or in the presence of: contractures, cramps, sprains, tendonitis, joint pain and muscle pain, lumbago, sciatica, rheumatism, arthritis.

Size: 100 ml – 500 ml* (3,4 fl. oz – 16,9 fl. oz*)
*intended for professional users



apply to the affected area with a specific massage.

Functional ingredients:

arnica*, capsicum*, horseradish*, terrestrial ivy*, rosemary*, marigold*, St. John’s wort*, rosehip fruits*, olive oil, vitamin E.

Technical product information

Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Arnica montana flower extract, Capsicum annuum fruit extract, Cochlearia armoracia root extract, Glechoma hederacea extract, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, Calendula officinalis flower extract, Hypericum perforatum flower extract, Rosa canina fruit extract, Tocopherol.