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Mauri Angela Nirvana


BIOS living / total HOLOS life / global SYNERGIA work together.
Bioholosynergia®, a method devised by Angela Nirvana Mauri, is a set of exclusive techniques that, through workshops teach the practitioner how to read the psycho-physical-spiritual state of the client and respond professionally to their needs for beauty and well-being.

It is widely accepted that stress and suppressed emotion can reveal themselves in the skin. Imperfections and stiffness in the body are expressions of discomfort in the soul.

The Integra Salus BIOHOLSYNERGIA® Method allows you to get closer to the person not only focusing on the imperfection, but with a complete approach, learning to read those signals that the body proposes and that allow you to understand how to intervene with innovative, integrated, extended protocols.
We believe there can be no true beauty without well-being.